Headz [DIY toy 2005]

Gepost 2019/03/30
The year is 2005, a time when the phenomenon of collecting designer toys, or urban vinyl, and do-it-yourself toys was still in its infancy. Collecting and designing went hand in hand. I was at that time quite active as a collector and designer on several toy forums under the alias LeeO Leng. 
In 2005 I met Yukho who ran a toyshop and company (Yukho’s Bobbleheads) in Norway. He had just designed his own DIY toy: Headz. We used his forum as a creative “battleground” in ongoing strife to come up with new and better designs. I remember that at one point there was even an opportunity to release Headz as a vinyl toy through a toy-company.
Headz BlockCreationzHeadz BlockCreationz
But then things went silent. The years passed.
Recently I found on a long lost external hard disk the base-model of Headz, made in Rhino 3D. The actual Headz was without the eyes.
So, this is my first real print with the Ender3, it took about 16 hours to complete. I used IOP Apple-green PLA. 
Headz 3D print BlockCreationzHeadz 3D print BlockCreationz
The print looks smooth and nice.
Got to find me some super-gel-glue to assemble this Headz.
Not sure yet if I paint it, I like the apple-green. Maybe only the white and black for the eyes.
Headz 3D print BlockCreationzHeadz 3D print BlockCreationz

Creality Ender3... a New Fresh Start

Gepost 2019/03/30

At last, I have one... a compact, affordable and good performing 3D printer, the Creality Ender 3... I wish I had one of these 15 years ago. Next step the Creality 10S5.

 Creality Ender3Creality Ender3